Professional Hair Treatments in the Gardiner, ME Area

Sometimes, you need specialty professional treatments to really get the look you want out of your hair. Fortunately, there are accessible, safe options that our pro stylist can provide for you. Whether you're looking to get luxurious, soft locks through a keratin straightening procedure or voluminous texture with a permanent curly hair (perm) treatment, you've come to the right place. We service people from all over Gardiner, ME, and have proudly worked with nearly every style and texture of hair you could possibly find out there. Simply give us a call, and you'll be well on your way to a stunning new look that's healthy for your hair and made to last.

For more than 10 years, the stylists at Elite Body Essentials have been helping people from all walks of life turn new looks and experience a whole new world of confidence and freedom. Regardless of your style or end-goal, our professional hairstylist will work with you to find your ideal treatment. We want you to be happy, and that means thinking outside of the cookie-cutter box and working with you to find a healthy, unique style that you can truly enjoy.


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Our Keratin Hair Treatment Services

Keratin hair treatments are a common and effective way to chemically smooth and straighten your hair. They last for about 6 months and are known to withstand all sorts of environmental factors that just love to frizz up your hair. While they typically shine in particularly humid areas, it's an effective treatment for any location and style.

This is such a sought after hair treatment because it works. It's also known to have lasting results when done by the right professionals. With the right keratin treatment, you can expect:

  • Smoother, softer hair
  • Protection against weather and unpredictable environmental effects
  • Straighter hair
  • Reduced flyaways and frizz
Tip: To maintain your treatment after processing, make sure that you make the effort to use the right shampoos in future washes. Try looking for sulfate and sodium-free products for the best results. Our hair treatment professionals will be happy to direct you to the right stuff after treatment.

Our Hair Straightening Treatment Services

Of course, if keratin treatment isn't your style, there are a variety of other effective hair straightening processes. All with varying degrees of maintenance difficulty and effects based on your texture. Processes like hair relaxing, Japanese straightening, and various other methods of breaking down/ rebuilding the protein bonds in your hair are all perfectly viable. Of course, our professionals will do everything they can to make your treatment safe and reliable, ensuring that your hair will remain beautiful and healthy long after treatment.

Simply give our hair professionals a call, and we'll be happy to point you to the treatment that works for you.

Our Permanent Curly Hair Treatment Services

Perms (often called "permanents") are another method of shaping your hair into a desired texture. This time, however, it develops into lovely tight curls and waves. As you may have heard, this particular service for curly hair does have a reputation for being possibly damaging if not done properly. Fortunately, our professionals have experience in all varieties of perms with all types of hair. We know what we're doing, and you can get your sought-after style without having to worry about the breakage.

Your dream hair is just a phone call away. To talk to one of our hair treatment professionals (or to set up an appointment), give us a ring at (207) 588-6457.

If you're in any of the following areas, we may be able to service you:

  • Greene, ME
  • Farmingdale, ME
  • Wales, ME
  • Monmouth, ME
  • Gardiner, ME
  • Litchfield, ME