Diverse and Individual Hair Cut Services

Haircuts do more than just keeping hair out of your face. It's an incredibly important expression of personal style, and accommodates personal features like face/body type. Naturally, you want professionals that can provide you with consistent, reliable hair cut services that will leave you feeling and looking amazing once you're out of the chair. That's why our professional hairstylist at Elite Body Essentials (with two offices located near Monmouth, ME) are here to get you the perfect cut, every time. Our salon handles women's, men's, and children's hair, and has experience with virtually any length and texture you could throw at us.

Beauty is an incredibly personal thing to everyone. At Elite, we believe in personalized, one-on-one service that will take all of your unique needs into consideration. From the moment you walk into our offices, you're the star, and our professionals will work to make sure that you're getting the stunning hairstyle you deserve. If you don't quite know what you want our of your services, our experienced hair cut professionals will walk you through what might be best for your situation/style, and develop a final product that's maintainable - and more importantly- sure to make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.


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Our Women's Hair Salon Services

For many women, finding the right stylist that really knows what to do with your hair can be extremely liberating. With our experienced hair cut professionals providing services to all variety of people in the Monmouth area and beyond, we're sure to be able to handle what you throw at us. We do hair of all lengths and styles, and all while utilizing natural products that work with your hair and skin. With that being said, we won't force you to overspend on various products that you don't need. We want sustainability and practically, no matter what you choose.

Tip: When choosing a new cut or style, consider the shape of your face, and work around that. It can really make a huge difference when it comes to completing a new "look" for yourself.

Our Men's Hair Salon Services

Men have an entirely different texture profile than women and prefer cuts that not every stylist is well-trained in. In fact, many people have to take specific continuing education classes on men's hair just to really get it down. Of course, men deserve quality, reliable haircuts without having to worry if their stylist knows anything beyond a high and tight or temp. Fortunately, with our hair cut services, you'll never have to worry about being tragically limited because of inexperienced professionals again. Our hair salon values men's styles and preferences as much as anything else.

Our Children's Hair Salon Services

Children are yet another demographic where hair texture and style preference require a bit of experience to get down. Not to mention the fact that at a particular age (usually around 4-10), kids get into EVERYTHING. This leaves plenty of opportune moments for them to get all sorts of gross miscellaneous things in their hair. Not all of which you want to find yourself combing out on a daily basis. That's why the children's hair experts in our salon are ready and trained to help keep their cut as hygienic as possible, while still allowing them the freedom to express themselves as they want.

Have questions about our hair cut services? Give us a call at (207) 588-6457 to get the full scope of what we offer.

If you're in any of the following areas, we may be able to service you:

  • Greene, ME
  • Farmingdale, ME
  • Wales, ME
  • Monmouth, ME
  • Gardiner, ME
  • Litchfield, ME