Our Relaxing Scalp Treatment Salon Services

The overall health of your hair isn't just limited to the strand itself. Things like blood flow to your scalp and the chemical composition on your skin all have an effect on how your follicles grow and thrive. In other words, paying attention to your skin is important, even when it's out of sight on your head. With the right professional therapy treatments, however, you can promote your scalp's overall health and wellbeing while entering a whole new world of relaxation and rejuvenation. That's why the Elite Body Essentials salon is ready to provide a variety of personalized services that go so much further than skin deep. We love serving clients from Wales to Monmouth, ME.

Your scalp deserves just as much love as the rest of your body. With our salon, you can experience a variety of therapeutic procedures in a relaxing, quiet environment with practitioners that care and listen. Our scalp treatments utilize a variety of rejuvenating oils that match our salon's standard of quality, such as jojoba that smell as lovely as they feel. You deserve to be transported into an indulgent world of relaxation and self-care, and we're here to provide.


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The Benefits of Scalp Therapy Treatment

Going to a spa is more than just about immediate, drastic makeovers. It's also about promoting health for the entire self. That what the scalp therapy treatments at our salon aim to do. From the moment you walk in, our professionals will pamper you with personalized services and want you leaving feeling better and ready to take on the world.

While there's no particular "bad" reason to seek out salon-quality scalp treatments, it could benefit certain aspects of your health, such as:

  • Relaxes tense muscles in the neck and shoulders
  • Reduces tension headaches
  • Promotes hair health
  • Promotes a more chemically balanced scalp, soothing already irritated skin
  • Helping with scalp psoriasis

Give the Gift of a Professional Scalp Treatment

Finally, there's a relatively affordable, accessible way to take care of your scalp issues. With our help, you may never need to worry about wearing a black shirt pocked with white flakes, or desperately searching for a dandruff shampoo that actually works. Before you even start, we will thoroughly talk with you about your situation and any conditions you may have, and build our treatment based on that.

If you or anyone you know experience any of the following lifestyles/general issues professional scalp treatment may just be for you:

  • Work for an extended period of time in an office
  • Perform heavy manual labor
  • Experience chronic dandruff
  • Have a generally irritated scalp
Note: Be sure to talk to a dermatologist to have a full, personalized discussion on how a scalp massage can help you.

Learn More About Our Scalp Treatment Services in the Wales, ME Area

Our pro cosmetologist are about more than just making a quick buck. They want to help you feel better and looking your best. Regardless of what you're looking for in our services -be it a dye job or scalp treatment- our mission remains the same. With our experience in handling a variety of cases and cosmetic preferences, we're bound to be able to find a treatment that fits you.

If you have any questions about how scalp treatment works at our salon, give us a call at (207) 588-6457. Our professionals will be happy to take any inquiries. Be sure to reach out ahead of time to confirm availability and to set up an appointment.

If you're in any of the following areas, we may be able to service you:

  • Greene, ME
  • Farmingdale, ME
  • Wales, ME
  • Monmouth, ME
  • Gardiner, ME
  • Litchfield, ME