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Hair, while a completely natural and important product of evolution, isn't always wanted. Especially in areas that you want to make sure look good and presentable, like the face. That's where the experienced and reliable cosmetologists at Elite Body Essentials come in. We offer a variety of wax hair removal services that can take care of your face, eyebrows, legs, and so much more. For years, we have been servicing people from all around Maine (and ourselves located around the Gardiner, ME area), and have the tools and experience necessary to provide quality, relatively painless and long-lasting hair removal for our community.

At Elite Body Essentials, you can expect top-quality treatments from practitioners that care. No matter your needs or situation, we will provide you with the through, personalized attention you deserve. We understand that waxing services can be a somewhat difficult experience for anyone, especially if they're removing large amounts of hair. Our salon respects that and makes every attempt to help you be as comfortable as possible throughout the process. We will go at your pace, and always prioritize your comfort level.


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Our Eyebrow Waxing Services Around Gardiner, ME

If there's one part of your face that seems to accumulate the most hair, it's your brow. And we're just not talking about unibrows. Naturally wide, thick eyebrows can feel and look unseemly to a lot of people. Unfortunately, plucking isn't always a practical option, and shaving doesn't necessarily provide the needed precision. With the proper waxing services, however, your eyebrows can be quickly shaped into anything you desire. We stay on top of the latest trends and will be able to easily recommend the best shapes/techniques based on your face. The best part is: it will take literally less then half an hour.

Note: To help your results last longer, try exfoliating before your appointment. Try getting your eyebrows waxed around every two weeks for optimal results.

Our Face Wax Services

Of course, the hair on your face isn't limited to your eyebrows. Facial hair, no matter how thick or light, is perfectly common on women, especially on the upper lip and cheekbone area. That's not to say that men can't benefit from some face wax services as well. Grooming is important for all sexes and genders, and a little bit of beard grooming can make a remarkable improvement for anyone's appearance. And the benefits don't stop with properly shaped contours. Good waxing can help prevent stubble, and provide results that last a lot longer than traditional shaving.

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Don't let excess body hair prevent you from facing the world. You deserve to be as confident as possible, and part of that is ensuring that you look and feel great. With our hair wax removal services, you won't have to worry about so much as a stray facial hair out of place again. Our cosmetologists are experienced in waxing and shaping all sorts of hair, and you won't have to worry about them going too far or not doing enough. We know that everyone has personal preferences when it comes to their hair (even bodily/facial), and we do our best to stick to them.

Looking to learn more about our waxing services? Give us a call and make an appointment at (207) 588-6457, or visit our contact page any time. We will be sure to answer your inquiries as soon as possible.

If you're in any of the following areas, we may be able to service you:

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